Hawthorne Relieves chest pain of angina. For heart disease.
Horse Chestnut For varicose veins.
Horsetail Strengthens bone, hair, nails, teeth. Rich in silica.
Kava Kava Promotes sleep and relaxation. Combats anxiety, and eases panic attacks.
Licorice Root For gastric inflammation, digestive stimulant.
Melatonin Natural effective and side-effect-free sleep aid for adults suffering from insomnia.
Milk Thistle Liver tonic & stimulant. Detoxifies the body. Reduces liver damage from excessive alcohol.
Nettle Relieves asthma, hayfever, and allergies. May ease prostate symptoms.
Olive Leaf Extract Fights fungus, bacteria, and flu.
Ovine(Sheep) Placenta Powder For the support of rejuvenation from within. For skin health and beauty.
Psyllium Husk Relieves constipation, facilitates weight loss. Good source of dietary fiber.
Red Clover Rich source of silica & other minerals.
Recommended for cancer and respiratory problems.
Reishi Mushroom(Ling Zhi) Helps prevent cancer. Builds immunity. Enhances cancer treatments. Helps prevent different chronic diseases.
Royal Jelly For energy and vitality. Anti-bacterial properties.
Salmon Oil Natural sources of EPA 18/DHA 12-Omega 3.
Saw Palmetto Eases frequent nighttime urination and other symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
Shark Cartilage Helps fight cancer. Eases arthritic joint pain.
Soy Isoflavoens Helps prevent osteoporosis and protect against coronary heart disease.
Squalene A natural anti-oxidant. Suppresses effects of carcinogenesis.
St. John's Wort Useful for anxiety, depression, and tension.
Tribulus Terrestris Extract Super libido enhancer for men.
Valerian Root Nature's tranquilizer. Gentle safe sleep aid. Calms nerves.
Wild Yam Good for menopause, post-menstrual syndrome, and osteoporosis.
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